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Using higher fidelity edge data

How utilities improve operations and customer experience

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Watch on-demand to learn how electric utility operators use high fidelity edge data to improve operations and customer experience.

Data is important. The power industry knows it. Utilities themselves know it. But many utilities do not have the ability to harvest and analyze the information. This webinar presents challenges reported by U.S. utilities about the importance of data across each stage of operations - from how it is collected on the front end to how utilities are already using it. The presentation will provide a clear overview of not only the importance of high-fidelity data, but the specifics of how it can improve operations for utilities across the country.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Connect the dots between how data is captured and then used 
  • Current challenges reported by utilities
  • Case studies on how utilities improved operations

Don't miss out your opportunity to stream this engaging and informative session sharing real-world experience as well as tips on how improved data capture and analysis will improve your grid operations. Register to watch immediately!