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Innovative, practical solutions that generate actionable data for today’s electrical utilities.

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Our Passion is Superior Grid Edge Solutions

At MICATU, we build innovative solutions that work with the way your grid actually operates today. Our products outpace legacy systems to meet the needs you’ll have tomorrow — and beyond.

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The team at MICATU is passionately leading the way to help provide a modernized grid by developing state of the art digital grid edge solutions.

Founded in 2011, MICATU is the first to commercialize the next-generation of highly accurate grid measurements and analytics through a modular, optical sensing technology platform that is safer, more accurate, and more affordable.

We provide compelling solutions that bridge the gap between yesterday's one-way, analog grid and today's need for more two-way, real-time data and visibility as more intermittent renewables come online and drive the evolution of our modern grid.

At our heart, our team is passionate about striving to change the way the world senses with light so that our customers -- from energy service providers to data centers -- can have a safer, cleaner, higher performing electric grid.

Bridging the gap between the modern grid and the future of energy delivery

Optical sensing is a transformative change in energy distribution monitoring. Using advanced optic crystals, the technology enables high precision measurement with unparalleled accuracy — all while sitting “outside the line.” This breakthrough creates a safer grid and allows vast improvements in grid monitoring on a flexible and modular basis, with minimal installation overhead.

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Looking to transform the way you collect data from the grid? Our experts will help you upgrade your measurement technology for the grid of the future.