A Safer Sensor

The evolution of the electric grid from traditional one-way power flow to a bi-directional distributed model demands more visibility, from more locations, than ever before. Operators are under pressure to keep up with the pace of renewable integration without causing outage risks or safety concerns.

MICATU gives operators a safer way to get the operational data they require to run the grid effectively.

Mitigating Risk

The MICATU Optical Sensor Platform adds an unparalleled level of insight while lowering risk to people and equipment.

Isolated from the current

The MICATU Optical Sensors measure Current and Voltage using Electrical and Magnetic fields, therefore not passing electrons through the device  — a much safer approach for work crews.

Reduce fire risks

Get the data you need without introducing a possible ignition source.

Increased visibility

The powerful array of data from the MICATU Optical Sensor Platform allows utilities to quickly address issues before they lead to an outage — and restore power faster in the event of an outage.

The modern grid should be a safer grid

Avoid violent equipment failure and get your people home safely each night.

Better Insight Into Grid Safety

The century-old paradigm of a single source of one-way power flow is being disrupted by renewables. This is introducing more risks and creating the need for better situational awareness from new, non-conductive technologies to build a safer grid. MICATU’s Platform is working to directly address the safety issues of the past.

INCREASED operational awareness

Tens of thousands of individual points of generation are coming online, and each one represents a potential point of backfeed — the reverse flow of power. Without situational awareness, operators and field personnel are blind to backfeed current.

Operational Risk Management for a power grid requires timely, accurate, and thorough data. MICATU Optical Sensors, combined with the m410B processor, deliver a comprehensive view of precise status in real-time, regardless of directional flow. Critical insight that helps keep your critical resources, your people and your infrastructure safe and efficient.

Modular Installation

Lose the hassle. Lose the risk. MICATU Optical Sensors are hot-installable and hot-swappable.  Deploy wherever needed without extensive reconfiguration, significant downtime, or interrupting the circuit. 


Technology that operates as part of the electrical circuit is constantly at risk of violent failures from surges, network overload, lightning strikes, moisture, and equipment decay from temperature and voltage extremes.

Failure rates can go as high as 1.32% per transformer year, depending on voltage class.

Optical sensing doesn't pass electrons, so the entire unit is nonconductive. From the optic crystal to the injection-molded HCEP housing, MICATU Optical Sensors remain safely isolated from the current and don’t present any kind of fire ignition source.

A safer solution

All MICATU Optical Sensors provide the same powerful measurement capabilities in a platform that’s safe and easy to install. Overhead or underground; in the substation or outside; high, medium, or low voltage: the MICATU Optical Sensor Platform has you — and your people — covered.

Future-Proofing the Grid

Changes in energy distribution aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Innovation in alternative power generation is skyrocketing. More customers are participating in the DER every day.

Thanks to advances in data analytics and AI-powered information processing, operators have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve. With access to next-generation optical sensor data from a wide range of points on the grid, it is possible to achieve a safer, more reliable grid. The technology is here. The next step is yours.

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A Grid Disrupted

MICATU's optical sensor technology is up for the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid as it evolves.

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"MICATU’s technology allowed us to gain important distribution feeder data at a pace we’ve never been able to achieve. This deployment not only improves our visibility of the grid but saved us valuable time and money."

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