Power Quality Measurement

Invisible power quality issues are costing businesses nearly $200 billion a year. The right data and insights can help prevent losses.


The Cost of Poor
Power quality

The Electric Power Research Institute estimates that U.S. businesses lose between $119 and $188 billion per year as a result of poor power quality; the numbers are similar in Europe, with an estimated €150 billion lost each year, according to the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative. These losses can come in a variety of forms, from damaged equipment or downtime as a result of unplanned outages, to lost customers who expect reliable service. 

Protecting Both Sides of the Meter

The challenge of delivering high-quality power is not limited to utilities. Of the nearly $200 billion in annual losses, 80% of the power quality issues can be attributed to equipment or processes within the end user’s facility, not the commercial electricity provider.

Optical Sensors Enable Next-Generation Power Measurements

To identify a power quality issue, you need access to the right data. There are a variety of commercial-grade power metering solutions that can be used to measure electrical parameters such as energy, power, voltage, current, power factor, and frequency.


There are a few drawbacks to these solutions:

  • They can be prohibitively expensive and complex to install.
  • They are unable to detect the granular harmonic distortion issues required to protect highly sensitive electronic equipment.
  • They do not provide data in real-time, where you need it, when you need it.
  • They are part of the circuit and can therefore introduce safety concerns

A Better, Safer and More Affordable Way to Detect the “Ghost in the Machine”

MICATU’s Optical Sensor Platform is a game-changing technology, built to replace legacy measurement technologies. MICATU Optical Sensors can more safely measure everything PTs and CTs provide today, more accurately and with greater precision, and provide additional vital information that PTs and CTs cannot.


MICATU Optical Sensing Platform

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MICATU's Optical Sensor technology is up for the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid as it evolves.

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