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As the grid evolves at a rapid pace, utilities and C&I businesses alike need reliable, high-quality power. Micatu's GridView optical sensing platform is building a smarter, safer grid.



Whether IOU, municipal, or co-op, utility companies are all faced with challenges that come with the rapid growth of DERs and renewable integration. As the grid evolves from a one-directional distribution system to a broader bi-directional system, legacy technologies are not sufficient to provide the real-time data needed to face today's challenges. MICATU's advanced optical platform offers more accurate and precise data when you need it, where you need it.

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Commercial & Industrial Businesses

The importance of high-quality power cannot be understated to keep businesses running smoothly—power quality matters on both sides of the meter. With greater insights into the energy powering your business, you can better protect your sensitive equipment and avoid the costs that come with unplanned outages. MICATU's advanced optical platform provides real-time data with greater accuracy and precision to help you better manage your private energy system.

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Safe. Reliable. Precise.

MICATU's next-generation optical sensing platform solves key challenges faced by utilities and commercial businesses. The new, integrated grid of the future is here today. You need a sensing platform that can keep up. Optical sensing gives you unmatched, real-time insight into power quality, ultimately giving you the tools you need to avoid costly outages.

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A Grid Disrupted

MICATU's advanced optical sensor technology is up for the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid as it evolves.

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Looking to transform the way you collect data from the grid? Our experts will help you upgrade your measurement technology for the grid of the future.