Revolutionary Power Sensing for C&I Facilities

MICATU’s advanced optical sensing platform enables quality power and reduces the risks of costly disruptions.

The Other Side of the Meter

According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

U.S. businesses lose between $119 and $188 billion per year because of poor power quality.
80% of power quality problems are caused by equipment and processes within the end user’s facility, not by the commercial electricity provider.

C&I Businesses

Reliability is the bottom line


Poor power quality results in real, measurable consequences for C&I businesses. Consider manufacturers: when the assembly line stops due to an outage, the manufacturing process comes to a halt, resulting in losses of thousands of dollars an hour. Not only do outages interfere with process, but sensitive equipment can suffer damages, leading to additional repair or replacement costs.

You need reliable, high-quality power to keep your equipment working its best. Micatu can deliver. Our GridView modular solution scales to meet the needs of operations big and small. No matter your size, Micatu provides precise visibility and in-depth power quality data. Armed with the right information, you can protect your equipment from the dangers of poor power quality day after day, year after year.


Protect your data with unmatched safety and accuracy

Data is the new currency and data centers must take every possible step to protect this valuable asset — not only for themselves, but for their customers. When a datacenter goes down, their customers go down with them. The costs associated with this downtime add up fast, with estimates ranging anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000 per minute on average.

Your customers need to know that they can trust your datacenter with their valuable data, and outages compromise that trust. For datacenters running highly vulnerable computer equipment, MICATU's Advanced Optical Platform provides safety and accuracy beyond what legacy technology can deliver. MICATU technology is easily integrated into existing systems and can help prevent costly outages. Data is your bottom line. We know how to protect it.

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A Grid Disrupted

MICATU's optical sensor technology is up for the challenge of measuring and monitoring information from the grid as it evolves.

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