The MICATU Optical Sensor Platform

Gain Insight Into Your Underground Grid

MICATU’s Optical Sensors provide the analytics data needed for the modern grid, all on one plug-and-play platform that’s quick and easy to deploy in any underground environment.

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Underground Sensors

The Underground Optical Sensors capture the full range of measurements: current and voltage, temperature, and current harmonics and voltage harmonics, more accurately and precisely than any traditional solution. In addition to being completely modular, they're safe and fast to deploy to the field.

Connect to the m410B Optical Signal Processor for real-time access to a wider range of metrics for powerful analytic data today and beyond.

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The MICATU Medium Voltage & Current Sensor System utilizes a 100% “all-optical” measurement platform for unparalleled accuracy and precision of both voltage and current across multiple voltage classes. Installation time for a typical three-phase system is less than three hours, resulting in significant deployment savings. All signals from the sensor are connected via optical fiber connections to a “plug & play” modular optical sensor platform m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform that is fully ruggedized and scalable.



  • Voltage: 4kV to 35kV
  • Amperes: 10A to 1000A
  • Weight: 5.4 kg (12 lbs.)

Product Specs



  • Voltage: 4kV to 72kV
  • Weight: 4.3 kg (10 lbs.)

Product Specs

Visibility that Saves Time and Money


"MICATU’s technology allowed us to gain important distribution feeder data at a pace we’ve never been able to achieve. This deployment not only improves our visibility of the grid but saved us valuable time and money."

Electrical Utility Manager of Projects and Programs

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Advanced optical sensors deliver the superior grid awareness necessary to proactively identify and correct issues to prevent outages and maintain power quality levels demanded by your customers.  Learn how in this insightful white paper.

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