2016 DistribuTECH Conference in Orlando

Approved for Release: Micatu Returns from 2016 DistribuTECH Conference

Horseheads, NY, January 12, 2016. — Micatu, Inc. provider of next generation optical based sensors for the utility and wind turbine industry, announced today that they have returned from the 2016 DistribuTECH Conference in Orlando Florida. DistribuTECH is the world’s leading annual T&D (Transmission and Distribution) event attracting 11,773 attendees from 67 countries.   

“Micatu is in the final qualification and testing phases of releasing its newest optical sensor to the market” stated Michael Oshetski, CEO of Micatu, Inc. “Having the opportunity to meet face to face with many of the public Utilities, all under one roof, is invaluable to speeding up the qualification process for going to market”, he added. 

“There appeared to be a high level of interest in the Micatu “GridView” optical sensor for the precise measurement of voltage and current as part of the “smart grid” initiatives rolling out all over the country said Mike Jagielski – Micatu’s Chief Operating Officer”. “We effectively make the “smart grid” smarter by providing Utilities with a way to effectively measure power distribution optically, as opposed to traditional methods. This results in far greater energy savings to the Utility that can be passed along to the consumer”.



Mike Jagielski – Micatu COO and Trey Beasley – GridView VP of Sales in Orlando. Micatu’s CEO – Michael Oshetski did the honors.


About Micatu:  Micatu designs and manufactures “fully optical” power solutions in the areas of voltage, current, acceleration, vibration, displacement and condition monitoring applications. For more information, please visit us on the web at: www.micatu.com.