Micatu Inc., Announces OEM Sales Agreement with Eaton for Optical Sensor Line

Micatu Inc., Announces OEM Sales Agreement with Eaton for Optical Sensor Line

Date: April 19, 2018

Effective: Immediately

Horseheads, NY — Micatu Inc., is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Brand Label Sales Agreement with power management company Eaton to expand its 4kV to 35kV smart grid portfolio with Micatu’s GridView Optical Solutions sensor platform to help global utilities advance intelligent power programs and enable smart grid modernization.

Micatu’s GridView Optical Solutions sensing technology provides next generation optical measurement capabilities for smart grid, wind, power distribution and condition monitoring to help utilities collect more accurate data and provide actionable insights to improve power reliability.

Micatu’s next generation, highly accurate sensing platform supports precise, real-time data acquisition for utility transmission and distribution system monitoring to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Each optical sensor is also capable of monitoring multiple voltage classes via multiple digital and analog communication port inputs and outputs to reduce overhead cost and installation complexity.

“Utility customers will now have access to an “all optical” measurement platform along with turnkey engineering support that provides a new level of accuracy and precision of both voltage and current sensing across multiple system voltage classes, yielding improvements in grid reliability, reducing costs and emissions stated Michael Oshetski, Micatu’s CEO”.

“Utilities are looking to leverage the power of real-time analytics provided through an all optical sensing platform to help predict outages, locate faults and provide a high value solution for distributed energy resources (DRE) integration”. “The expansion and prevalence of “micro-grids and renewables, complicates grid optimization” stated Michael Sexton, Micatu’s Managing Partner. 

Micatu’s optical sensors can also be used to help utilities more accurately monitor difficult to access, underground networks and more cost-effectively provide primary metering solutions for substations. Micatu’s agreement with Eaton further provides Micatu with a global distribution channel to assist international utility customers enhance voltage and current sensing precision to improve grid monitoring.

According to analyst reports, the compound annual growth rate of the global smart grid sensor market is anticipated to exceed 15 percent between 2018 and 2021.

“Locally, Micatu is poised for growth and is following through on its vision of building out a sustainable high-tech workforce in the Southern Tier.  This agreement helps to deliver on the vision of the “I86 optics corridor” and Micatu is eager to expand its operations within the Southern Tier,” stated Michael Oshetski.   

“With the help of New York State, Micatu has moved to the next level in executing on our strategic planning goals” stated Michael Jagielski, Micatu’s COO.  “New York is really a “Clean Energy” partner at so many levels, enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish unabated”.    

Eaton is a power management company with 2017 sales of $20.4 billion. For more information, visit Eaton.com. To learn more about Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for electrical transmission and distribution applications, visit www.eaton.com/utility.

About Micatu: “Micatu changes the way the world senses with light”. Founded in 2011, Micatu provides revolutionary optical sensor technologies that provide next generation measurement capabilities in the areas of voltage, current, acceleration, vibration, displacement and temperature.  In 2014, Micatu and Gridview Optical Solutions partnered to develop a revolutionary optical sensing platform for the utility industry. Micatu’s Gridview Optical Solutions sensing technology is used in utilities, smart grid, wind, power distribution and condition monitoring applications.  Headquartered in Big Flats, New York, Micatu has won the NYSERDA 76West Global Clean-Tech Business Competition for New York State.  Micatu and Gridview Optical Solutions hold numerous patents in the areas of optical measurement and are considered leaders in the field of optical measurement technologies for utility and industrial applications. To learn more about Micatu’s Gridview Optical Solutions product portfolio and industrial solutions, please visit www.micatu.com.  

Contact:  Michael Jagielski