The Micatu Optical Solution Platform, is an all optical, configurable and modular condition monitoring platform that can support four types of sensors; voltage, current, vibration and temperature each with a common connection module that connects to the m410 modular sensor processor.

When configured for Medium Voltage Smart Grid Measurements, the GridView™ Rg235 Medium Voltage & Current Sensor System is a direct replacement for standard power transformers and current transformers as well as pole-top and “bird-on-the-wire” sensors. Each three-phase sensor system provides highly accurate and precise simultaneous 3-phase measurement of voltage and current from 4kV to 35kV.

Gridview Sensor
The GridView™ Medium Voltage & Current Sensor is a direct replacement for standard power transformers and current transformers. Because of the “all optical” sensor design, there are no conductive materials used for the measurement of both voltage and current. The insulator body is casted in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) using a state of the art injection molding process. HCEP construction provides superior arc track, ozone, and ultraviolet-resistive properties while maintaining physical strength. The hydrophobic surface properties of HCEP ensure highly reliable performance in wet or humid conditions. All calibration and performance settings are stored in the ruggedized modular electronics enclosure at the base of the optical cable. The m410 Modular Optical Sensor Processor provides a “highly accurate” as well as “low cost” precision solution for distribution grid monitoring and control.
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  • 4kV to 35kV Outdoor rated, 225 kV BIL, 60 Hz
  • Includes both Current & Voltage Sensing
  • Sensing Voltage:  4 kV to 35 kV 
  • Sensing Amperes: 10 to 5000A
  • No loss in accuracy or precision over entire measurement range
  • Transients: 10 dB (10x steady state condition)
  • Harmonics: Measurements to 50th Voltage Harmonic
Gridview sensor

For power distribution, the 3-phase GridView Sensor™ supports voltage classes measurements from 4kV to 35kV in a single SKU. The GridView Sensors™ measurement performance of 0.5% results in up to a 6% increase in efficiency across the distribution system and up to a 20% reduction of outage frequency and duration. Grid View Sensors™ are electrically isolated, lightweight, and simple to install with a shotgun stick.
phovis™ Advanced Vibration Sensor

The PHOVIS™ Advanced Optical Sensor is a highly accurate, optical-based sensor solution for monitoring vibration, acceleration, vector and displacement. Based on Micatu’s patented technology, PHOVIS™ is a revolutionary and a completely optical approach to physical measurement.

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  • Measures displacement and derivatives
  • High low frequency accuracy and precision  
  • Supports harsh environments with high reliability
  • Operational Temperature -30°C to +70°C (Extendable to +200°C)
  • Immune to Electromagnetic/RF Interference & Passive (No Electronics/Moving parts in the Sensor)

Micatu can provide OEM solutions of the PHOVIS™ Advance Monitoring System for applications including aerospace, wind, generation and virtually any standalone sensing or condition monitoring application. PHOVIS™ can support both simplistic and complex communication protocols with the ability for distributed analytics, continuous monitoring and adjustable dynamics.

Grid Processor

The m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the electrical distribution grid for precise voltage and current measurement, as well as vibration and temperature condition monitoring.

The m410 has four modular bays that allow for any sensing combination of Micatu sensors, including sensing of voltage, current, vibration and temperature and has the capability for enabling future expansion modules.

For distribution grid monitoring, the m410 when combined with Rg235 GridViewTM Overhead Sensors, allows for a true “plug & play” solution. The small enclosure size and multiple analog & digital output options allows the m410 to interface to virtually any industrial and substation automation platform.

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  • Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
  • Universal Serial Bus Host (USB-A)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • RJ45 Ethernet
  • 802.11b/g/n wireless
  • GPRS (general packet radio service)
  • Ethernet with master or slave DNP 3.0 support

m410 Front Panel

Grid Processor

The m410 Modular Optical Sensor Platform also provides a digital to analog conversion via LEA (low energy analog) output from 0-10VAC or 0-120VAC via an optional expansion module for local control and retrofit controller applications. Ten software configurable discrete inputs and outputs allows for relay control, security switching or alarming inputs or outputs. External temperature measurements are supported using a standard thermistor input and reportable both in digital or analog outputs.