The Gridview Advanced Monitoring System™ supports multiple data protocols for seamless integration into CMS systems

GridProcessor Graph

Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) are widely recognized and proven to reduce operating costs, increase profitability and ensure the reliability of complex mechanical systems. This is particularly true in the aerospace, defense, rotating and power generation sectors that have deployed CMS for several decades in mission critical applications.

Micatu has developed a true "next generation sensor platform" for CMS applications that is highly configurable and customizable. The CMS sensor platform consists of vibration, voltage or current measurement sensors which allows for any combination of sensors types resulting in a completely plug and play system.

Major Advantages of the
gridview™ Advanced Monitoring System
For cms applications

The GridView™ Advanced Monitoring Sensor is a highly accurate, optical-based sensor solution for monitoring vibration, acceleration, vector and MV voltage & current. Based on Micatu’s patented technology, The GridView™ Advanced Monitoring Sensor is a revolutionary and a completely optical approach to measurement.  Micatu’s PHOVIS™ Advanced Monitoring System enables:

  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Supports extremely harsh environments
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Detection over kilometer distances
  • Long operational life

The plug & play configurable GridProcessor™ allows for multiple sensors to be sampled at a rate of 15kHz into more than 225 digital values and presents this information digitally through an DNP3.0 or MODBUS communication protocols. GridProcessor™ also supports:

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
  • Distribution Management Systems (DMS)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Managed Maintenance Systems (MMS)
  • Capacitor Control Systems

The GridProcessor™ also provides a digital to analog conversion to provide a low energy analog output or an optional high-energy analog output for local control.